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Paris Eats. Part two. Patisseries.

Pastries, Patisseries and more Pastries.

My wife is a dessert FREAK.  She would have dessert after every meal, even breakfast, if it were socially acceptable.  So naturally we hit every pastry shop she could squeeze into our food schedule.  I will admit, pastries in Paris are an art all in their own, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it.  While stopping at a million “Patisserie” shops isn’t my idea of a rip roaring good time, at least each stop was like visiting a miniature art museum for sweets.  The time and energy spent making each of these is amazing.  I have no idea how these places stay in business.  The labor costs seem staggering to me.  I couldn’t make something that pretty if I had all day, and they’re selling these buy the dozen.

Paris Patisseries

Raspberry Tart     Paris Patisseries Paris Patisseries

As far as pastries go, I am a big fan of chocolate eclairs because they are simple, and I like simple.  I will look around at everything, but that is what I will walk out with.  So I was quite happy to sink my teeth into my first one in Paris.  My wife was also very happy  to take some inappropriate pictures of me…

Paris Chocolate Eclair

Paris Chocolate Eclair

My wife got her “usual” raspberry tart.  She says it was the best one of the trip.

Raspberry tart - Paris

The eclair and raspberry tart were found at Gossolin Paris.  It was great because it was just a couple of blocks from the Musee d’Orsay which we hit next.  After seeing the movie Hugo, we decided to pay this museum a visit.  We aren’t huge art buffs but knew we needed to explore at least one museum while in Paris and this one wasn’t daunting in size.

Musee d'Orsay

Musee d'Orsay

I know, I know.  How can you go to Paris and not see the Louvre!?  But honestly, the Louvre is ENORMOUS.  Truly.  It would probably take a week to get through it if you actually wanted to SEE the art.  We just didn’t have time for that and, like I mentioned earlier, we just don’t care that much for art.

Architecture, on the other hand, is a different story.  Walking throughout the exterior of the Louvre was pretty cool.

The Louvre

Possibly my favorite thing about Paris was the fact that there was literally a chocolate shop on every corner.  But not just any chocolate shop, a fancy chocolatier kind of chocolate shop.  Places where chocolates look like glass marbles and there are sculptures of chocolate hippos.  Seriously.  First time I ever thought about if hippos are edible.

Patrick Roger Chocolate - Paris Patrick Roger Chocolate - Paris

Patrick Roger Chocolate - Paris

I believe these particular hippopotami were created to ward off any competing chocolatiers from stealing recipes and secrets.


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