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Avila Valley Barn Adventure

Avila Valley Barn, Avila Beach


If you are looking for that perfect fall adventure and you live on the Central Coast of California, this is it!  My wife may have gone a bit crazy with the picture taking (nothing new), but how can you not with such an amazing place that has opportunities around every corner.  Plus, she did capture some great pictures of Viona and I.  Avila Valley Barn has been around for as long as I can remember, offering seasonal produce, baked goods and souvenirs of sorts and is open from April till Halloween every year. They also have some farm animals that you can feed, like llamas, goats, a pig and a cow.   A new addition is their Sweet Shop offering homemade ice creams, candy’s, fudge, etc., but we will get to that in a bit.

Viona was quite enamored with the pumpkins…

Viona and Pumpkin


Avila Barn Photo Op

Photo Op?

They have this nice little set up for cute family photos, but as you can see, Viona was NOT having any of it.  Way to many other things to see, no time to sit still.  Maybe next year…

Avila Barn Photo Op

You can also take a hay ride down to a pumpkin patch if you feel like picking off the vine.  It cost’s $1/person and is about a 10 minute ride to the patch and 10 minutes back.  Viona was way to squirmy so we decided that she probably wouldn’t make the trip.  Again, maybe next year.

Hay Ride

If you don’t go on the hay ride, there are more than plenty of pumpkins to choose from at the barn.  In addition to your standard pumpkins, they also have an array of specialty pumpkins.  Great for baking and decorating…so my wife tells me.  What do I know about that?


The Sweet Shop

Candy store

Fresh made Ice Cream

We opted for the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip ice cream in the spirit of fall.  It was quite delicious.  As you can see, Viona was not going to let me get away with not sharing.

Eating Ice Cream Eating Ice Cream Eating Ice Cream Happy Baby

Ice cream clearly make this girl very happy!

The Farm Animals

Checking out the farm animals

Viona was obsessed with the Llamas.  It was hard to drag her away from them.

Checking out the farm animals I didn’t care for this goat sneaking up on me….

Checking out the farm animals

Produce and Baked Goods

Avila barn goods Avila barn goods

From fresh seasonal produce, to seasonal decor and baked goods, you are sure to find something to buy.  My wife has always been a fan of their Olallieberry Cobbler and we usually end up enjoying a few of them each year.

Avila barn goods

Avila barn goods

They also offer roasted sweet corn, but that day it was closed.  It is similar to getting a corn on the cob from a state fair, but better quality corn.  A fun thing to indulge in while you walk around looking for the perfect pumpkin for carving.

Fun at Avila Valley Barn

Overall it was a very successful adventure.  Viona ran amuck, checking out every nook and cranny of the place.  She pondered over pumpkins, studied llamas and indulged in homemade ice cream.  Did I mention there was also a hay bale maze?  We decided not to even attempt that, as Viona might never want to leave.  We will make this a yearly family tradition.

Fun at Avila Valley Barn

My beautiful girls.

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